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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the mean about me tuesday night. special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. it could be a late night as results come in. >> thanks everybody for inviting us into your home tonight. here we go again to the special georgia runoff preview. for now, good night from atlanta. ♪ mark: hello america i'm mark women and this is "life, liberty and levin". we will do something that we don't normally do on this program although they do on others. i will start the program with a very important monologue. our declaration of independence and constitution are being destroyed by the democratic party and the media. they want to destroy what is left of it. we know this because the democrats have announced their intentions with the two neo- marxist democrats running in georgia are elected to the
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senate it will be 50/50 and then the neo- marxist they hope purported vice president of the united states kamala harris and she's not there yet but they hope she will be the 51st vote for the democrats. by the slimmest of margins they will destroy our judiciary and they will destroy separation of powers and they will destroy the united states senate by packing in the united states senate and we will have a rogue legislator that will pass whatever it wants any time it wants and fundamentally alter every aspect of this society. finally, they want to destroy the electoral college so republicans can never win and republican areas of his country have lost it affect their franchise and representation. that is how serious this is. we are standing at the purpose of his and looking into the abyss because this is the target. this is the target. the democrat party never much liked the founding of this
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country and it never much liked the declaration of independence and certainly not the constitution. early on in our history it sought to destroy the constitution and that is what the confederacy was all about. slavery, nullification, segregation and they carried that through well into the 1900s and now it is the party of the neo- marxist. they never liked americanism and they never liked the founding and they have never liked the limits placed on them by the united states constitution. if we don't win at least one seat for both seeds in the state of georgia which is supposed to be republican state this country will be changed forever and if we don't fight on january 6 on the floor of the senate and the house and that is the joint meeting of congress on these electors we are done. i want to explain this very, very clearly. we have republican members of congress who are going on cnn and msnbc and anywhere else they can be heard saying this is an
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attack at the heart of democra democracy, ben sasse, adam kings and others who should know better, cornyn, thune, mcconnell and there are more. of course, the media promote to them in the media say look at this, look at this they are trying to reverse the courts of the election and trying to take the franchise away from the people. let me be abundantly clear about this. i wrote a piece about this the other day and you may want to check it out. on january 6 we learn whether our constitution will hold and whether the republicans care. let me be clear, article two, section one, clause two of the united states constitution and we have talked about it here before has been intentionally violated, eviscerated by the democratic party and the united states supreme court which is sitting on its quills and pins. each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislator thereof
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may direct. listen to this language. it's black-and-white. the legislator may direct and a number of electors, equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the states may be entitled in congress and relevant parts. so what had the democrats done? they knew in pennsylvania the republicans controlled the legislator and they knew in michigan the republicans controlled the legislator. they knew in georgia the republicans controlled the legislator and they knew in wisconsin the republicans controlled the legislator. what did they do after 2016? first of all they were tried to remove a constitutional elected president who they had spied on, who they had leaked on on a bony outrageous fraudulent impeachment, outrageous criminal investigation all fabricated by the hillary campaign and the obama administration and i might remind you that joe biden was part of that administration.
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donald trump, despite all his amazing achievements, every step of the way they were trying to kneecap him and destroy him with their friends in the media and the democrats who are so-called journalists. what a joke. now, article two section one clause two, i just read it to you. what happened in pennsylvania? between 2016 and this election the governor of the state, secretary of state of the state, two left-wing democrats, the majority on the supreme court elected by that of seven democrats, all of them conspired to change state law that was passed by the state legislator to eliminate signatures, to illuminate signature comparisons, to eliminate deadlines on county mail in both, to illuminate postal marks, to prevent republican observers and democrats cities and it goes on and on. they destroyed the election laws in pennsylvania to accommodate
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joe biden and the democrat party particularly in the metropolitan areas and that is what happened in pennsylvania and i don't have to find one damn fraudulent ballot to make the point that what was done in pennsylvania by the biden campaign, by the dnc, by the states democrats and by their officials violated the federal constitution. whether there is fraudulent votes or not and there are and a lot but they violated the specific language of the federal constitution because they had a republican legislator and needed to go around them. same thing happen in the state of wisconsin, same thing happened in the state of michigan. non- legislator public officials secretaries of state and even worse, in wisconsin local officials in milwaukee, local officials in madison, local officials in other large democrat states in the city they made their own decision. the republican legislator had no
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say. in michigan the left-wing democrats secretary of state sent out 7 million mail-in ballots unsolicited. specifically violates state law where you have to request these mallets. what else did they do? and some of these states they encouraged people to violate the law that they did not have to have ids and other things that were taking place. that is for battleground states where the electors must not be counted if we are to uphold the constitution and the franchise of the rest of the american people in this country, otherwise the electoral system is utterly lawless and they just read the legislator out of the federal constitution and that section where there is specifically mentioned. the legislator shall direct, and of the governor, not the secretary of state, not the attorney general, not a state court, not a federal court, no
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court. where was the supreme court? former prosecutors who don't know any of this stuff, professors, eggheads, who know none of the stuff because they don't like the constitution. what did the supreme court do? well, in the michigan case there was an appeal and a federal judge interfered with what was going on there and the supreme court said you know what, federal judge you can't do that. corsets wrote the state legislators decide, not state courts, not federal courts but it says legislators shall direct. this is not even confusing. this is black and white. even joe scarborough or can read and understand it which is a low level. that's what it says. so then we come to pennsylvania and the republican party of pennsylvania brought a lawsuit and said that the supreme court of pennsylvania and the governor and the state secretary of state
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are all destroying the section of the constitution and undermining the legislator and the legislator have to adapt to this so the supreme court does what? nothing. john roberts decides that the great chief of the united states john roberts has asked the supreme court of pennsylvania and may be they can do these things. is that what the constitution says? even john roberts, mr. obamacare, he would thank you would be at least literate in the constitution or maybe in english and that would help. it doesn't matter if it's a state court or federal court or state official or federal official. the state legislator, mr. chief justice, decides. he's gone hollywood and political. he wants nothing to do with any of this. sam alito twice ordered the secretary of state segregate those votes. that is any of those votes that are male in votes, segregate to see going on tv saying that would not change the outcome of pennsylvania. it's unconstitutional. what they did is unconstitutional and the supreme
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court which uses judicial review to get involved in every damn aspect of our society, every single piece of it, we will not get involved in this. what do they say? nothing. nothing so they've contributed mightily to the plate we are in today. there are two bodies under the constitution then who are supposed to do with this. the first instance is the state legislator. the democrat party systematically attacked the constitution and our election system successfully. they attacked it, attacked it. they attacked it through lobbying their democrat officials and attacked it through litigation and so forth and you might say look at georgia and that was a republican secretary of state but i don't care if he's a republican, i don't care if he's an independent. i don't care if he's a communist or libertarian and it doesn't matter to me for he did not have the power to enter into a consent decree with stacy abrams group and change the signature
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requirement but it did not have an effect. of course it had an effect but that doesn't matter. they violated the constitution. people are violating an unconstitutional process as a result of what the democrats pushed whether legislation, whether lobbying or whether it's rhinos, it doesn't matter. right now the baseline is for our next election all this lawlessness and even though the constitution says the legislator shall direct the legislator now has no power because the state court will decide or a governor will decide or at least other states in wisconsin bureaucrats will decide and they were changing the rules oh covid but nothing to do with covid. this was nancy pelosi's dream to turn the country into california when it comes to voting. the democrats can't lose so they build super majorities and then what do they do? do they play fair?
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of course not. remember, we can't comply with us unless we want to. we reject our founding and history and a member the 6019 project? anything goes. we are progressives. we are neo- marxists and status or whatever they call themselves or what we call them. this means nothing to them. they've told us what they intend to do. if they win the georgia seats so i want to talk specifically to the people of georgia. you are our last line of defense when it comes to the united states senate. you are it. if you have any inclination to sit at home you better stay in the hell up. i'm not asking you to go to war we are not asking you to put your lives on the line and we are brave young men and women who do that every scene with a but we are asking you to vote. not just for georgia but for the rest of us and we are asking you to vote for the rest of us, whether you like the republican candidates or not, it doesn't matter but i would vote for an orange juice can over these radical left-wing coots
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particularly the sky raphael warnock was an anti-semite and who is a race baiter and clearly hates this country and the idea that he will serve in the united states senate then you have the other kook who is basically a trust fund candidate 33 years old and looking to run for office and his financial activities with communist china and he will not reveal even wanted the left wing kook newspapers, whether the post of the times, said this could be an issue so we do we have to wait until after the election to find the stuff out? and joe biden and kamala harris are going into georgia and campaigning for warnock was an anti-semite and who has set outrageous things about jews and the state of israel prints they are campaigning for them because the democratic party has anti-semitism but they don't want to recognize and of course the papers will defend them. i want to talk to republicans particularly in the senate but in the house. any republican who does not
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stand up to this on january 6, win, lose or draw it's the principal and the issue and the american people need to understand you are serious about defending the constitution and you are shredding the constitution along with all those democrats and the democrat party who put the nation in this position. do you understand me, mitch mcconnell? shawn thune? john cornyn? the republican leadership in the senate has been utterly pathet pathetic. we're not taking election from anybody. they destroyed the election laws and are destroyed the constitution and you have taken an oath to uphold it and you need to protect the constitution and you need to protect the american people and you need to stare down the left wing media in this country and stare down the people in that chamber who have done this to us. that is what you are required to do as far as i am concerned. the house, you not need to listen to people like adam kings linger and others and who put out youtube videos about how righteous they are. or then sass, even worse.
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these people do not understand the constitution and are not defending it or supporting the constitution. we have a chance in this country and its left the congress and despite with the media said on election night air announcements did not choose the president and despite what the media said when electors were chosen by the state that does not choose the president. what happens in terms of choosing the president is on january 6 when both chambers of congress meet jointly and determine which electors to count and which ones matter. i understand it's a high hurdle and i understand that congress has passed a statute and a long time ago in the 1800s where it's a big hurdle for republicans to get over because they don't control house and god forbid i hope they do control the senate. but that doesn't mean you don't fight for the constitution and the country and for a president of the united states who, in my view, was reelected otherwise why would these democrats do all the things that they have done. it was a strategic attack on the
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♪ mark: welcome back to the special edition of "life, liberty and levin". just a couple of months ago i told you how much was at stake with this election and what the far left's agenda really was if they won. sounds awfully familiar to the soviet constitution under joseph stalin but here is what i mean. the democrats on policies that are impractical and possible but sound great. where do they get this idea? i'm looking at the 1936 constitution of the soviet union adopted in december of that year. in other words stalin's constitution and they want to redo a few things from this and tell me if it sounds familiar to what the democrats, biden, the senate candidates and so forth
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have been running on and this 110 page manifesto. let's see if there is any similarities. article 118 and stalin's constitution, citizens of the ussr have the right to work, that is are guaranteed the right to employment and payment for their work in accordance with its quantity and quality. the right to work is insured by the socialist organization of the national economy and a steady growth of the productive forces of soviet society and the elimination of the possibility of economic crises and the abolition of unemployment. sound familiar aoc? article 119, citizens of the ussr have the right to rest and leisure in the right to last in leisure is insured by the reduction of the working day to seven hours for the overwhelming majority of the workers. family leave or something of that sort? the institution of annual vacations with full paper workers and employees and the provision of a wide network of senatorial, restrooms and clubs with accommodation of the
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working people. pretty close, right? article 120, citizens of the ussr have the right to maintenance in old age and also a case of sickness or loss of capacity to work. the right is insured by the extensive development of social insurance and workers and employees at state expense. free medical service for the working people and the provision of a wide network of help resources for the working people. sound very much like our own communist manifesto here? article 121, citizens of the ussr have the right to education in this right is insured by universal compulsory, elementary education. by education including higher education, being free of charge. imagine that, by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of the students and the universities and colleges by instruction in schools being conducted in the native language and by the organization in the factories, state fonts, machine and tractor stations and collective forms of prevocational, technological and agronomic training for the
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working people. article 122. they did not have to put this document out they should've just grabbed the stalin soviet 1936 constitution. they should have cut and pasted. they almost did. women in the ussr are quoted equal rights with all men of economic state cultural and social and clinical life and the possibility of exercising these rights has insured by women granting them equal right to work, payment for work, rest and leisure, social insurance and education in bistate protection of the interests of the mother and child, pre- maternity and maternity leave with full pay and provisions of a wide network of attorney homes, nurseries and kindergartens. wow. bernie sanders. article 123, equality of rights of citizens of the ussr irrespective of their nationality or race and all spirits of economic state, cultural, social or political life is an indefeasible law and
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any direct or indirect privileges for citizens on account of their race or nationality, as well as any advocacy of racial or national exclusiveness or hatred and contempt, is punishable by law appeared this is the old soviet union, a genocidal machine. doesn't it sound lovely? article 124 in order to ensure citizens freedom of conscience the church in the ussr is separated from the state and the school from the church prayed freedom of religious worship and freedom of antireligious propaganda is recognized for all citizens. of course, they destroyed churches and rounded up people because communism and religion simply do not mix. article 125, in conformity with the interests of working people and in order to strengthen the socialist system and the citizens of the ussr guaranteed by law freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of
8:25 pm
assembly including holding mass meetings, freedom of street processions and demonstrations in the civil rights are insured by placing at the disposal of working people in the organization printing presses, stocks of paper, public buildi building, streets, other material requisites for the exercise of these rights. while. article 126 in conformity with the interests of the working people in order to develop organization initiative a political activity to masses of the people citizens of the ussr insured at the right tonight of public organizations, trade unions, cooperative associations, youth associations and so forth and so on. article 127, citizens of the ussr guaranteed inviolability of a person, no person may be placed under arrest except by decision of a court or with the sanction of a pre- curator. 128, and viability of homes of citizens and privacy of correspondence are protected by
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law. nothing in that constitution was complied with, the opposite was the case prayed stalin was a ruthless, vicious communist dictator who slaughtered tens of millions of people, including his own people. none of that happened. none of it. our constitution protects us from this, from the soviet constitution and from joseph stalin, what else does it protect us from? this, the 110 page sanders biden manifesto which is the soviet constitution light but it is the same mindset and every aspect of our society in this document is regulated and taxed by a central authority that the democrats want to control it once they dispose of the supreme court and once they dispose of the senate and once they dispose of the rights for many of us to have our votes count and once they dispose the part of the bill of rights what they been trying to do, this document, 110 page
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speaker of the house once again for the fourth time. the california democrat beads a narrow majority and faces loca opposition for the progressive wing of her party. some voted present instead of putting in a forward. meanwhile all ten living secretaries of defense both democrat and republican have cosigned a washington post article earlier today that urges the sitting president against any military action to resolve election dispute. now back to life, and live-in. for all of your headlines lock on to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox news. ♪ mark: welcome back to this
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"life, liberty and levin" special episode. we are taking a look back and my message to america on some of this year's biggest news stories. earlier this year i laid out for you how the top officials in the obama administration knew the russia collusion narrative was bogus and they used it anyway to try and take out president trump. it is too important not to show you again so take a look. go. >> i will prove to you they knew all along there was no russian collusion and by the way we have the smaller report and thousands of subpoenas, witnesses, hundreds of thousands of documents the president never asserted a single and any documented they wanted they got and no russia collusion. grand jury found the prosecutors as partisan democrats found none but still did not matter and recently released documents that adam schiff did not want to release for months and months and months thanks to grenell but
8:33 pm
the acting director of national intelligence and thanks to the attorney general and the senate for releasing the information in here is what we know in secret testimony during the rush shift fraudulent unconstitutional impeachment hearings and here's what we know took place in secret. james clapper testified in 2017 quote, i never saw any direct empirical evidence that the trump campaign was someone and it was plotting, conspiring with the russians to metal with the election. that is what he said and that is not to say there wasn't concerns about the evidence that we were seen, anecdotal evidence but i don't recall any instance where i had direct evidence and then we have samantha power, u.s. ambassador to the un and according to her i'm not in possession of anything and didn't read or absorb information that came from out of the intelligence community and when asked again she said i am not. okay, next. obama national secured advisor
8:34 pm
susan rice when she was asked the question quote, to the best of my recollection there wasn't anything smoking but there were some things they gave me pause, she said according to the transcribed interview. i don't recall intelligence that i would consider evidence to that effect that i saw conspiracy pride of my departure and when asked whether she had any evidence of coordination she replied i don't recall any intelligence or evidence to that effect. when asked about collusion she replied same answer. former deputy national's visor ben rhodes was asked the same question and i would not have received any information on any middle or counterintelligence with what the trump campaign was doing so i would not have seen that information he said and when pressed again he said i saw indications of potential coordination but did not see, you know, the specific evidence of the actions of the trump campaign. former attorney general loretta lynch i can't say that existed or not. so she was either out of the
8:35 pm
loop. warm her fbi director andrew mccabe was not asked a specific question but rather as they point out in the town hall, questions about the accuracy and legitimacy of the unfair anti- trump dossier complied by an expeditious intelligence officer christopher steele quote, we've not been able to prove the accuracy of all the information and you don't know if it is true or not, he was asked and that is correct. we can go on. this is shocking. muller finds nothing after $40 million, 2.5 years, thousands of subpoenas, witnesses, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, millions of pages of documents and no privileges raised by the president of the united states, two committees in congress working on a full time and nothing in the phony impeachment hearing and the secret and the secret testimony taking out a single official, anywhere,
8:36 pm
anywhere saw any evidence of collusion what so ever, michael flynn set up no evidence of anything wrong with his phone calls with the russian ambassador. nothing, no russia collusion whatsoever so how did we get here? we have an fbi that puts spies in the trump campaign early on and we have an fbi deputy director mccabe who tried to conspire with the deputy attorney general for these purposes of the acting attorney general rosenstein now that they got sessions out of the way on the 25th amendment and whether they could remove the president of the united states. with an fbi attorney falsify a document to the pfizer courts. we have a dossier use that they admit they cannot verify it. mccabe admits they cannot verify. we now know it was full of trash. it was shopped around and the federal government and used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies as a pretext to go after the trump administration
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and then we have this meeting on january 5, 2017 and it is a meeting in which obama, joe biden, brennan, klapper, comey and yates and perhaps more were in this meeting before obama left office and what did they discuss? michael flynn and russia. here is the document. here is the blue dress but here is the obama blue dress. it says in part, obama started by saying that he went into the meeting with gates and comey after to stay behind and obama started by saying he learned of the information about flynn quote unquote in his conversation about sanctions for it obama specified he did not want any additional information on the matter but was seeking information on whether the right house would be treating flynn and he did fairly given the information. people have said that means keep information from flynn and i say
8:38 pm
that means treat the information differently yet flynn and that is exactly what they did put it up next, the trump administration's long list of compliments on mitigating the coronavirus and getting us a vaccine at warp speed. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back. we're looking at some of the
8:43 pm
ways i covered this year's biggest news stories. a couple of month ago i told you that you are listening to the mainstream media you think the trump administration has sat on its hands regarding the coronavirus. that cannot be further from the truth. the accomplishments are pages long. go. ladies and gentlemen, you know the media in this country have done a great job in pushing propaganda and they are demagogues who are in the back pocket of the democratic party. as they were against lincoln and reagan as they were against all republican presidents but especially trump, the heat trump of the most and they hate trump the most because they feel they are in the precipice of taking over the government through the democrat party and this president will not bend and he will not kneel and he will not accept what it is that they are trying to do to the country and to the people of this country. quickly, i want to hit the coronavirus but i know you're upset about the coronavirus. but to be upset about the president of the united states
8:44 pm
there is truly absurd particularly, when you consider that joe biden and the democrats have done absolutely nothing to fight the coronavirus except sit back and attacked the president of the united states and their record is clear, they were pushing impeachment at the beginning of the virus and plane it down the virus and nancy pelosi was in chinatown and they did not want you to call it the wuhan china virus and all the rest they were never in the game and they were never doing anything for it i want to show you this list. the list has so many points on it about president trump and his administration have done from the early days into march, just from the early days in march to address this pandemic we have never seen anything like this in american history. joe biden had his chance in 2009 and blewitt with the swine flu and there would've been mass deaths if the swine flu was as deadly as the coronavirus. they lock locked out but this president has had to wrestle this virus to the ground. in addition to this list you're
8:45 pm
looking at the president pushed and pushed hard operation warp speed, spent millions in developing that vaccines and therapeutics and millions given the johnson & johnson in march and millions given the moderna in april, millions given astrazeneca in may and large-scale manufacturing once they gave money for the development of a vaccine and then they had to spend an anonymous amount of money contracting for large-scale manufacturing and they did that in june and in july 22 and july 23 and in august there to think about what? not only manufacturing but distribution. they had to again enter into contracts with distribution and they are creating 100 million files a vaccine with every one of these companies and anticipation of the vaccine working. if it doesn't work they will get rid of them but if it does work they will have those vaccines ready too. they will have distribution
8:46 pm
ready to go to development ready to go. we have never seen anything like this in american history dealing with any pandemic and even in recent american history. why is that? because donald trump has not been in the government for 47 years. donald trump has been in the private sector so he knew that you have to develop a vaccine and he knew that you have to manufacture a vaccine. he knew that you had to distribute a vaccine. we will have a vaccine in the next few weeks. this is thanks to operation warp speed. we would not have an operation warp speed but for president donald trump in his experience as an outsider and a businessman. he insisted that these bureaucracies and there are healthcare bureaucracies in the federal government that they follow the rules but they cut the red tape so we can save as many lives as possible. shame on joe biden and the democrats blaming every single death from this virus on the
8:47 pm
president of the united states. it is the most grotesque, unconscionable, expectation of a public crisis in modern american history. when we come back, my message to those who are trying to tear those who are trying to tear this country down i i i i i i made a business out of my passion. i mean, who doesn't love obsessing over network security? all our techs are pros. they know exactly which parking lots have the strongest signal. i just don't have the bandwidth for more business. seriously, i don't have the bandwidth. glitchy video calls with regional offices? yeah, that's my thing. with at&t business, you do the things you love. our people and network will help do the things you don't. let's take care of business. at&t.
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♪ mark: welcome back to a special episode of "life, liberty and levin". this summer we saw violence in the streets by the paramilitary wing of the democrat party. that is not the america i know and i wasn't going to stand for it and do nothing. here is my peaceful protest. go. see this, this is my mostly peaceful protest. i'm sick and tired of this country being torn down and i'm sick and tired of hearing from people in the streets about how awful our history is. i'm sick and tired of pampered multi millionaire athletes telling us about systemic racism. i am sick and tired of the media which just repeats the same propaganda as the left and so are millions and millions of y you. we are hard-working americans and we are good people and we've
8:52 pm
gone all over the globe to protect people and we have people all over the globe right now putting their life on the line to protect people of different religions, different races, liberty, i'm sick and tired of our flag being disrespected of the national anthem being disrespected. three members of my family fought in world war ii. three of them. they are my heroes, not collin kaepernick a third rate quarterback. two members of my family served in the philadelphia police force and they are all gone now and served honorably. i say i stand with the cops, not against the cops. i don't stand with anybody who is a racist or anybody who is a bad anything, whether lawyers or doctors or professors or teachers or whether media people or cops but this is a great society and it's an imperfect society but it is a great society. this flag is my peaceful, mostly peaceful, protest.
8:53 pm
that is why it sits right here and nobody will knock it off either. take amy and now were being told no, taking a knee has nothing to do with the military and nothing to do with the flag and don't hand me that. we are pulling down monuments whether or not they are part of the confederacy or the union and we are trashing monuments and abraham lincoln in washington and all the others this is an attack on the core values and principles of this society, nothing less. we the people need to stand up to this and we need to object to this because this doesn't represent to the majority of americans. it does represent the vast majority of the media and academia and students but not the rest of america. that is a fact. i want to remind you because it needs reminding america is a great country and americans are a great people. it is we who defeated the third reich and we who defeated tojo and lee who defeated the soviet
8:54 pm
union and it is we come up begin for liberty, all around the world and there is a reason why people around the world when it comes to this country, people of color want to come to this country. people have been abused and their cultures all over the world and they want to come here for a reason. if we are systemically racist and if the police are systemically beating up people and if we are this horrible country that we are being told day in and day out from the left then why do people want to come here? hard left it as a counter revolution against this country and they have a political party that is the vessel through which they operate and the democrat party, anti- americanism weather during the civil war between the civil war in the 1960s and today can be found mostly where? i'm telling you the truth, in the democrat party. the democrat party is the counterrevolutionary party against the american revolution. we should embrace our liberty and we should embrace our constitution because that is what stands between us and
8:55 pm
tyranny and i don't give a damn what football players in nba players have to say or their commissions. i don't give a damn what overpaid media personalities at cnn have to say about it either. i sure as hell don't give a damn about a presidential candidate who sits in his basement all day like he's in a padded cell pushing out statements left and right that suddenly you and i are supposed to genuflect to. this is a great country. we know it, never forget it. push back. a special message from yours truly when we return.n.n.n.n. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. .. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit,
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when you post your first job at
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this has been medifacts for microban 24. ♪ mark: welcome back. there has never been a more important time in america to seek truth and pursuit liberty. my mission on the show is to bring you the best guests and address the most urgent topics
9:00 pm
in a thoughtful and compelling way. that mission is more important today than it was yesterday. i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ >> it has been said that house divided cannot stand. if there is any lessons that americans have learned in the last two years it is this. a house distracted cannot govern. >> i just asked that you keep in mind of all the voices in america that have a voice on this floor. steve: breaking tonight minority leader kevin mccarthy slamming pelosi's leadership as he presents her with her captor as she yet again elected speaker of the house. also tonight reaction to a leaked phone call between president trump and the georgia secretary of state same it is worse than watergate. is it?


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